Finally we have website.

Hi,  lovely people.

Thank you for visiting our website Wedding Gifts 4 You.  I with my wife always wished to have weddings of our dreams. At that time in 2006, we couldn’t afford the wedding that we wanted the same as now :).  We ask my sister and brother-in-law to be our witnesses and got myriad.  Then the idea appeared in our head to help other people on the wedding day.  My wife started embroidering beautiful handkerchief and I took responsibility for taking photographs and developing the website. So we in the wedding business in 2010.


Wedding gift SHOP

We offer you a selection of unique and professionally embroidered and printed handcrafted wedding accessories at affordable prices. We use an exclusive designer who pays special attention to every detail with particular accuracy which makes our products unique.
We produce elegant wedding garters, christening, Personalised Embroidered Hangers and much more any text any color.